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Grzegorz Wisniewski

President of the Management Board of the Institute, formerly the Director of the EC BREC / IBMER European Centre of Renewable Energy (1996-2006)

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  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, specialisation: chemical and food industry machinery and equipment,
  • Master of Business Administration.

Interest in Scientific and Professional Matters:

  • Strategic planning, management and monitoring of the renewable energy sector,
  • Science policy and socio-economic research in the energy sector,
  • Market research and profitability analysis of renewable energy projects,
  • Theory and practice of innovations, management and transfer of scientific knowledge, ‘small scale’ RES technologies,
  • Thermal solar collectors, air heating systems and heat and mass exchange processes in bio-agro-technical systems (in good old times).

My Major Tasks at the Institute:

  • Responsibility for defining and verification of the Institute’s mission and development strategy and for working out the research programme and tuning the organisational structure of the Institute,
  • Contact with major customers of the Institute: the government of Poland (slightly less regular recently) and the European Commission (becoming closer and closer), and with key partners,
  • Managing the work of the Institute and take care of the development of its Team.

Sample projects coordinated by myself and/or those I participated in:

  • INNER—Innovative Energy Technology—a project under the 6th EU Framework Programme supporting the development of a research programme open to international cooperation in the ‘energy’ area. In the programme, the Institute represents the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education,
  • SRS Net—Scientific Reference System for Renewable Energy and Energy End-Use Efficiency— a project under the 6th EU Framework Programme concerning mapping the European research sector in the ‘energy’ area,
  • Creation of a Regional Energy Agency in the Podkarpackie Region—a project financed by the EU programme called ‘Intelligent Energy for Europe’ (IEE),
  • Biofuel Flexible Air Regulated Modular Electricity Integrated SOFC Systems—an integrated project under the 6th EU Framework Programme)

Other Interesting Things Done by Myself Recently:

  • Managed two research projects financed by the State Committee for Scientific Research, one UNDP project and a few strategic expert opinions for the government of Poland (development of the ‘Renewable Energy Development Strategy’ and of a draft of a renewable energy act) and participated in the implementation of around a dozen international projects. As a scholarship holder, I visited a number of American and European universities and research institutes,
  • Lectured on renewable energy at the Warsaw University of Technology for a few years and recently, along with other employees of the Institute, at the Higher School of Ecology and Management,
  • Managed/continue to manage non-governmental (environment protection) and private (renewable energy) organisations cooperating with the Institute (public non-commercial organisations),
  • Provided advice for Ministers of Environment and for the Minister of Science,
  • As a young scientist, I was the first in Poland to provide a fully integrated renewable energy system to the Military Farm in Stanisławów. Following the construction of the system, the operators made soldier style comments about it, and I was unable to achieve the ‘integrated’ reliable operation of all the sources of energy at the same time over a year of investigations. Despite a technical failure, my determination of a researcher and pioneer was recognised by the Minister of Environment, who awarded a silver ‘Contribution to Environment Protection’ distinction to me.

Additional Functions:

  • Member of the High Level Group ‘Biofuels,’ an advisory body of the European Commission (DG Research) for liquid biofuels in transport, and of the ManagEnergy Reflection Group, an advisory body of the European Commission (DG TREN) for local and regional energy policy,
  • Reviewer of proposals for research projects entered in competitions under the 6th EU Framework Programme,
  • Member of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation for Effective Use of Energy and of the Scientific Council of the Central Petroleum Laboratory, Poland,
  • Scientific editor of the ‘European Projects’ section in the ‘Czysta Energia’ monthly and a member of a programme council of the ‘Agroenergetyka’ monthly.

The most interesting comment I have heard at work:

What are the conditions for financing a design for construction of a prototype wind turbine with the latest type of a vertical axis rotor and of an innovative river hydroelectric power plant? (that was a question from a Polish innovator asked at the beginning of 2001 when ‘slight’ negligence in PR and tender hearts of EC BREC staff inspired by ecology and devoted to renewable energy made our prospective customers ask EC BREC for money (and not for assistance pertaining to the subject matter).

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