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III Solar Thermal Energy Forum - The Opportunities for Development and Challenges by 2020, Niepolomice, May 19th, 2010 PDF Print E-mail

III Solar Thermal Energy Forum - The Opportunities for Development and Challenges by 2020
Niepolomice, May 19th, 2010

Organizer: Institute for Renewable Energu
in cooperation with the Office of the City and Municipal Niepołomice

Honorary Patronage:


Deputy Prime Minister and  Minister of Economy - Waldemar Pawlak

Minister of the Environment - Andrzej Kraszewski

The President of The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management - Jan Rączka


Partner Forum


Institutional Partners



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This year's forum is organized within the framework of the European Solar Days

Hereby, we invite you to participate in III Solar Thermal Energy Forum - The Opportunities for Development and Challenges by 2020 , which will take place in Niepolomice Royal Castle, May 19th, 2010.

The previous Edition was mainly focused on a structure of a polish solar thermal collectors market  as well as the continuous opportunities for development of solar industry sector. The Forum was in the centre of attention among all the attractions organized during the fair. Summary of the Forum and presentations delivered during the conference can be accessed at our website.

As the result of a discussion held at the Second Forum, The Alliance of Equipment Producers and Installers (Solar Alliance 20x2020) came into existence. The main task of the Alliance is to bring a substantial contribution to a document being prepared by the Ministry of Economy: „Implementation plan: Pathways for  the development of the use of renewable energy sources up to 2020” („Action plan”). In that purpose the Institute for Renewable Energy in cooperation with members of the Alliance elaborated „Vision of solar thermal energy development in Poland with action plan to 2020”. The report presents current situation and prospects for development of solar thermal energy industry sector in Poland,  additionally showing potential and forecast of solar thermal energy consumption by 2020 and demonstrating a program proposal of solar thermal energy industry development with new funding system as well.

This year's III Forum aims to present economic potential and development directions of solar-thermal power industry,  which will guarantee in Poland an implementation of directive on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources (2009/28/WE from 25 June 2009). The program of the Forum provides the presentation and discussion on guidelines and thesis of National Action Plan being prepared by  the Ministry of Economy as well as the role and the place of solar thermal energy in above mentioned document. A crucial point of the Forum is a discussion on essential activities required the Action Plan to be implemented in Poland with consideration of solar energy sector on broader scale, than it was included in Poland's Energy Policy until 2030 (in that document the Ministry of Economy predicted the share of solar thermal energy in total renewable power in 2020 on a very modes level - 1,2%). The degree of solar thermal energy allowances in previous national documents do not  reflect the potential of solar thermal energy as well as opportunities, competitiveness and sector's aspirations. It is worth to notice that polish producers of solar collectors - as only RES sector - export over 50% of their production abroad.

Therefore, the conditions of more courageous scenario fruition for solar thermal energy industry development will be a leading subject. The Forum will be a discussion platform on new opportunities of development, as a consequent of Directive 2009/28/EC including  an exaltation of a role of "green thermal energy" in RES energy mix and challenges by 2020 as well.

The special guests on the Forum are:

The Forum will be a chance for tightening and formalising cooperation between production and installation companies in solar energy sector in Poland and the European Union.

The list of topics presented during the Forum is listed below:

  • Solar thermal energy market in Poland - statistics research analysis of solar collectors sale in 2009
  • Requirements and potential effects of directive on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources affecting the solar energy industry as well as comparative analysis of a role of the solar energy in national plans related to RES (Action Plan) - Olivier Drucke, the President of ESTIF
  • The view on solar energy sector development in Poland including action plan by 2020
  • Essential activities in matter of Action Plan implementation - moderated discussion
  • Training and certification of installers in light of Directive 2009/28/EC - requirements and review of actual initiatives
  • New funding programme for individual beneficiaries - National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management

After the Forum will be held the founding meeting of association for solar thermal energy industry

Companies, organisations and individuals interested in additional information, participation in association creation and membership are kindly asked to contact the organisers of the Forum: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The main topics listed below, will be raised during the meeting:
  • European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) - the opportunities for cooperation between national association for solar thermal energy industry and ESTIF - Olivier Drucke, the President of ESTIF
  • Presentation of articles of association and discussion in an initiators' company:  Solar Alliance 20x2020, Solar Thermal Energy Industry Forum and other concerned.


Registration of participants has been completed


The Forum registration/participation fee:

Standard fee

130 Euro


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