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Home Institute’s Conferences Invitation to a seminary within the BELIEF project, concerning the creation of Local Forums for Sustainable Energy Economy, Warsaw, Kyriad Prestige Hotel, 26-27 October 2007
Invitation to a seminary within the BELIEF project, concerning the creation of Local Forums for Sustainable Energy Economy, Warsaw, Kyriad Prestige Hotel, 26-27 October 2007 PDF Print E-mail


Dear Sirs!

Sovak energy agency Energy Centre Bratislava together with the Institute for Renewable Energy (IEO) and the Association of Polish Counties (AOPC) is privileged to invite you to participate in a seminary concerning creation of Local Forums for Sustainable Energy Economy. Seminary is a part of an international project called BELIEF (Building in Europe Local Intelligent Energy Forum), financially supported by European Committee programme aiming at supporting the innitiatives for using renewable energy sources and the effectiveness of energy – Inteligent Energy for Europe. Seminary will be held in Warsaw on 26-27 October 2007. Information about the place of seminary will be published soon.

The aim of BELIEF project is to encourage local councils to create Local Forums foe Sustainable Energy Economy consisting of the representatives of council authorities and local energy agency, representatives of social organizations ( non-governmental organizations), communities and housing cooperatives, local enterprises, operators of local heating plants and heat and power generating plants, research units and alike. The created forum should serve common establishing of compromising solutions of problems meet in various fields of everyday life of towns and local commune administrations. Activities concerning energy can often lead to solving the problems in other fields, for example reduction of costs for buildings maintenance. The effect of works done by forum should become a local energy plan or a ecoenergy strategy, which would include the list of set actions, schedule, and funding source, pointing out outside sources, off-the-budget. BELIEF project points out the participation of local societies in forums, whose participation will enable a better quality of the document, thanks to the knowledge of problems, and thanks to the participation of societies during the plan’s introduction phase, it will enable their effective realization.

According to the seminary programme, examples of using similar forums in several European Union countries will be presented. The invited lecturers will present the route of the local forum establishment process, gaining members – representatives of particular sectors, organization of forum work as well as elaborated effects. In the further part of the seminary there will be presentations concerning the quality influence of the local energy planning on the possibilities for obtaining sources for energy investments as well as possibilities of activities for respecting the energy by using modern solutions in lighting the streets and office buildings. The first day of the seminary will finish with a discussion of the participants with the seminary lecturers. During the second day there will be a studio visit. All necessary information concerning this visit will be published soon.

In relation with the above, we want to invite you to participate in the seminary for the representatives of territorial councils – especially the local government specialists of energy, representatives of energy agencies, non-governmental organizations, communities and housing cooperatives, and entrepreneurs from energy branch and the branches alike. Participation in the seminary is free of charge.

Application forms are to be sent via e-mail and fax to Mr Marcin Wlodarski from the Institute for Renewable Energy office in Gdansk at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or fax number: (58) 5521498. The amount of seats is restricted.


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