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Thursday, 09 April 2009 00:00

The Institute for Renewable Energy (EC BREC IEO) Ltd. was founded in 2001 by a team of experts of the former EC Renewable Energy Center (EC BREC/IBMER). The core of the team consists of people who at the turn of the XXI century elaborated key legislative and strategic documents for the renewable energy sector in Poland i.e.: the Strategy for RES Development, the Implementation Programme for Green Electricity, and the Draft of the Renewable Energy Act. Today, the above mentioned documents are foundation pillars for the RES energy policy and legislation in Poland.

The idea of creation of an independent Institute was to merge R&D with investments and consultancy services without public support. The income generated by commercial activities and services has been spent on further research activities as well as strengthening of the think-tank capacities. The above strategy enables to realize our long-term societal goals as well as our public mission in the area of sustainable local development, dispersed generation, as well as the development and nurturing RES technologies on the energy market.

The Institute’s mission is to generate and use the up-to-date scientific and technical knowledge in the area of RES utilsiation in order to:

The main task of the Institute is to bring to the market players modern technologies, which have been elaborated either by own staff or other R&D domestic and foreign institutions. The key clients for the Institute’s products and services are small and medium size enterprises, local authorities, corporative clients (e.g. due-diligence) and independent RES energy producers (e.g. feasibility studies). The institute also performs think-tank services for public administration in the are of evaluation of RES impact on the economy or the environment. Numerous market study reports have been performed: for the Polish Government (Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Environment), Polish Parliament, European Commission (6/7 FP, IEE, INTERREG) as well as foreign institutions and foundations (Word Future Council, Heinrich Boll Foundation, embassies etc.).

The Institute regularly organizes and co-hosts many RES dedicated conferences e.g. for the Solar Thermal Industry Forum or the Energy Finance.

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